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Auditing -Taking the fear out of audits

We are one of the leading auditing and consulting companies in the region: LFK PARTNER has an excellent reputation built over years of successfully supporting clients, not only in the areas of accounting and business management. Our auditing company, LFK WPG GmbH, currently has nine auditors who work with their teams to the full satisfaction of our clients.

We are the first point of contact for family businesses and medium-sized companies operating in various industries in our region. Our geographical proximity enhances our flexibility in dealing with their business management plans. Moreover, our auditing performance is based on streamlined procedures that improve cost-effectiveness. We adapt our audit approach to match the size and complexity of the company.

Auditing annual and consolidated financial statements - Geared for success

LFK PARTNER, along with our auditing company, LFK WPG GmbH, are committed to carrying out statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements reliably and efficiently.

Our services include:

  • Audits of annual financial statements in accordance with HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements according to HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP
  • Audits of interim financial statements
  • Reviews of annual, consolidated and interim financial statements
  • Audits done in accordance with Section 53 of the German Commercial Code (HGrG) on the regularity of management and economic circumstances

Other audits & confirmations -
We thrive on challenges


The scope of our auditing services also includes thr following:

  • Audits done in accordance with the German Real Estate Broker and Property Developer Ordinance (MaBV)
  • Audits in the energy industry (e.g. § 64 EEG, § 30 KWKG, § 2 para. 6 KAV)
  • Audits pursuant to § 53 HGrG on the regularity of management and economic conditions (usually as an extension of the audit of financial statements)
  • Dependency reports (§ 312 AktG) (mostly as an extension of the audit of the financial statements)
  • Audits in accordance with packaging law requirements, e.g. Grüner Punkt (DSD), INTERSEROH.
  • Special audits done under company law, e.g. in the case of formation, capital procurement or capital reduction
  • Audits during transformation processes, e.g. in accordance with § 9 UmwG (German Transformation Act)
  • Audits done in the case of internal control systems
  • Audits in cases of agreed investigative actions or audits of submissions
  • Expert opinion reports in arbitration and court proceedings

Due Diligence – Every detail counts

Due Diligence (DD) stands for careful examination of a target company in the context of an M&A transaction.

The focus of the examination is on the target company’s economic, legal, tax and financial circumstances, the aim being to reveal the opportunities – and risks – facing the prospective buyer during a transaction. As a rule, LFK PARTNER carries out a DD on behalf of a potential buyer.

Our due diligence team consists of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors. They collaborate closely with each other on a daily basis, each one contributing specialist knowledge. As a whole, team members mutually ensure that the process runs smoothly. The lawyers involved in the DD are often also involved in the contract negotiations that follow as well as in the drafting of the company purchase agreement.

Our services include, among others:

  • Assistance in setting up the data room
  • Implementation of the DD
  • Tax and legal advice
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract drafting
  • Support during implementation

Business valuation -
When it comes to value

Several years of experience in valuating companies is an added asset to our experts who can give you constructive assistance in resolving questions about the value of a given company.

A company’s value is an important factor on which M&A decisions are made. A business valuation is an indispensable prerequisite for decision-makers, especially in the following cases:

  • Acquisition of a company or shareholding
  • Compensation of departing shareholders
  • Structuring of corporate succession
  • Determination of tax values in the case of inheritance or gifts
  • Disputes within a family
  • Other company law or accounting reasons

Our experts’ knowledge is readily available at your fingertips: they can advise you on the appropriate valuation procedure and the parameters necessary for your valuation. After that, they carry out the necessary analyses. Throughout this process, we keep your individual requirements in mind and map out tailor-made solutions for your situation.

The purpose of a valuation is what delineates our role: we can work as consultants, function as neutral experts or act as arbitrators. If you wish, we can also prepare an expert opinion report in accordance with IDW S1.