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Management consultancy

Our consultancy services are an integral part of LFK PARTNER: clients can count on our expertise in tackling problems, no matter how complex or insurmountable they might seem. We offer comprehensive support and propose viable solutions for the challenges that clients face during periods of change and transformation. Our management consultancy services are rooted in the region and our client base includes the private and public sectors as well as welfare organizations. Our clients can rely on our vast experience and expertise to achieve sustainable and integrative growth.

LucaNet - Corporate Planning and Controlling
Fast. Transparent. Reliable.

LFK PARTNER has the right tools for its consultancy services: we are a certified LucaNet partner. This all-in-one platform comprises a multi-faceted software system featuring proven planning and consolidation processes. It was given top rankings by The Planning Survey organized by BARC. This user-friendly software significantly improves data transfer and performance – that’s added value for our clients!

Our team of specialists has been using this software for awhile and through our continuous training schemes, they are always up to speed.

We work side by side with you right from the start of the implementation process: that includes preparing a needs analysis for your company and setting up the LucaNet database corresponding with your requirements. This is followed up by a comprehensive introductory training session based on real data from your enterprise. From then on, you can count on our advice and support in dealing with planning processes (scenarios, forecasts), reporting and consolidation (HGB, IFRS, management consolidation).


Besides the first-level support from our team, our certified LucaNet experts are at hand – on-site or otherwise - to sort out any intricacies. We also offer you expert advice on corporate management and BI integration as well as on how to set up dashboards and cockpits.

With the LucaNet integrated system you can automate and flexibly manage your budgeting, financial planning and consolidation processes. In this way, you leave behind legacy systems with their non-standardized data and Excel spreadsheets and switch to a modern, sophisticated software system that integrates financial planning with up-to-date financial controlling and transparent budget planning.


Integrated corporate planning –
simple and flexible

Corporate planning is a core element of corporate management. It serves to shape and safeguard the company’s trajectory so as to achieve corporate goals, promote innovation and increase the profitability of the company.

Our experts have vast experience in preparing integrated corporate planning structures. You can count on their invaluable support in implementing the new system.

After our experts do a careful appraisal, taking the size of your company and the complexity of the requirements into account, they prepare your corporate planning set-up in Excel or directly in the LucaNet Financial Planner. Individual attention is given to your planning assumptions and estimates.

We make sure that checks are in place that identify undesirable developments at an early stage. These early indicators monitor the company’s development and prevent liquidity bottlenecks. At the same time, the development of the P&L and balance sheet data can be mapped with ease.

Our experts can be entrusted with the following tasks:

  • Preparing planning calculations and business plans in Excel
  • Alternatively (in the case of greater complexity): database-supported determination of integrated corporate or group planning (budgeted balance sheet, budgeted income statement and budgeted cash flow)
  • Documenting planning calculations and planning premises
  • Preparing plan/actual comparisons and variance analyses
  • Creating reporting templates
  • Mapping scenario calculations and forecasts
  • Reviewing and carrying out plausibility assessments of existing planning calculations (content review, data consistency review, review of coherent derivation of balance sheet, P&L and liquidity presentations)
  • Implementing software solutions to map integrated planning in your company

Consolidated financial statements – keeping track of numbers

Steps of process

A consolidation inevitably presents companies with organizational and technical challenges- all against the backdrop of tight legal deadlines. Preparing consolidated financial statements entails extensive data input from the various companies in the group. LFK PARTNER assists you in facing the following challenges:

What is the best way to design the preparatory process which ensures timely and qualitative input of the required data?

For optimum documentation of the process, we rely on the LucaNet AG software "LucaNet.Financial.Consolidation".

You can count on the advice and support of our certified consultants right from the time implementation of the LucaNet AG consolidation software starts.

Moreover, you can rely on our support in mapping complex consolidation issues and optimizing intercompany transactions. We are well-equipped to standardize group charts of accounts, optimize process organization, group accounting guidelines and group reporting sheets or, alternatively, generate LucaNet.Group reports. We also advise on the reconciliation of accounting data, especially of foreign companies, to HGB or IFRS.

Corporate management - always on top of things

One of the greatest challenges in successful corporate management is maintaining an overview!

We assist you in doing just that.

With your input, we can set up and implement performance measurement systems that enable you to manage your company more efficiently.

The management cockpit facilitates the completion of tasks, prospectively or retrospectively:

  • Retrospectively: Deviations from the plan and erroneous developments can be detected and timely countermeasures can be identified and initiated.
  • Prospectively: Future developments can be planned, with a focus on potential areas of improvement and sustainable growth.

The management cockpit is the means by which a company exerts direct influence on its own development. It also ensures that the company value grows sustainably. At the same time, the cockpit serves as an early warning system in which risks and opportunities for further development can be identified at an early stage.

Our services

  • Derivation of individual, practical key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Mapping of key performance indicators (ROI, EVA, etc.)
  • Data visualization
  • Setup and automation of management cockpits and dashboards
  • Industry comparisons
  • Optimization of working capital management
  • Investment and participation controlling

Reporting – results at a glance

The fundamental role of reporting is often underestimated when it comes to corporate management:
Reporting is undeniably the link between current data and historical values. It is needed for planning and for scenarios using real data, so that developments can be analyzed in real time. The insights gained from reporting thus serve as a key building block in directing the company’s trajectory in a timely manner.

Our certified experts assist you in optimizing your reporting processes. Among other things, we use database solutions from LucaNet AG. Inconsistencies in the data are eliminated by linking integrated corporate planning with real data. Thanks to database-supported preparation, less effort is required to set up the reporting process. This leaves more time for variance analyses and forecasts - and for ascertaining the right measures to enhance future developments.

Drawing on our expertise, you can create, optimize and analyze reporting documents as well as automate the preparation process for consistent reporting by directly connecting up with the source of data.

We can also deliver data visualization of key performance indicators and set up structured workflows for analyzing ongoing developments. We can act as a sounding board for discussions on important developments. We can prepare a "reporting calendar" to ensure that coherent reports are generated, based on the content of previous ones.

Monthly report


Financing - securing liquidity

Credit risk has made banks cautious. Consequently, access to corporate financing has now become the biggest challenge for companies without a 1A credit rating. Even entrepreneurs and start-ups are confronted with this daunting situation. Being well-prepared goes a long way.

Through our expertise and long years of experience we lay the foundations for an analysis of your finance and security situation. This will guide your financing structure, identify risks and optimize your potential, following which we evaluate your results. Such priming is optimal before holding financing negotiations with your banks in which we would also participate.
With us at your side, improvements can be launched together: among others, these include refinancing strategies, conditional modifications, reduction of your personal liability, release or exchange of collateral used or identifying alternative financing options.

In addition, we collaborate with you to set up structured financing by including classic debt, syndicated or promissory note financing, public funds, mezzanine capital or equity capital.

Our expert advice and support will facilitate stable and sustainable financial relationships and help to establish a firm footing in order to deal with the risks involved in a challenging business environment.


Company acquisition and succession – proceeding with foresight

Buying a company or organizing a company succession poses unique challenges for all the parties involved. The acquirer raises questions pertaining to the company’s value, business plan, the right takeover concept, proper takeover financing, the optimal financing concept, possible subsidies and grants, among other aspects. A process as complex as this requires solid business management advice and support as well as legal and tax guidance.


Our broad portfolio as business management consultants comprises company takeovers and successions in the following areas:

  • Search for a suitable company (M&A)
  • Preparation of a takeover concept
  • Valuation of a company
  • Due diligence audit
  • Business plan, profitability, liquidity and financing plan
  • Advice and assistance: pertaining to takeover or acquisition financing, for development loans, quasi-equity funds, involvement of guarantee banks and subsidies, in the conclusion and review of loan, credit security and other agreements
  • Financial security and limitations of liability of the selling generation

As consultants we stand for the following objectives:

  • Creation of a [stable] [viable] livelihood for the business transferor.
  • Successful handover of the business to the next generation.
  • Financial security for the transferor of the business.

Maximize your advantages by tapping on the vast experience of LFK PARTNER’s specialized lawyers, tax advisors and business consultants who confidently coordinate and synergize strongly –thus eliminating lengthy and cost-intensive processes.

Setting up a business or start-up – putting your enterprise on the right launching pad

Because uncertainty is typically related the founding of a company (start-up), it is essential to keep risks as low as possible. By connecting with our competent consultants in the early stages of your start-up, you can decide on the right launching pad that leads to success.

From the start, we offer you comprehensive know-how specific to start-up enterprises. Among other aspects, this includes checking the economic plausibility of your business model, preparing and optimizing your business plan and testing its plausibility, developing a financing concept that includes public subsidies, thorough consultations throughout planning, preparation and implementation of your start-up.

Our activities aim at limiting the risks as far as possible so that your start-up launches properly and successfully.