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LFK PARTNER is one of the most renowned law firms in the Schwarzwald-Baar region. Make it your first choice for expert advice on national and international legal matters. Our clients range from private individuals to medium-sized companies with various legal forms of business and also include a wide variety of organizations. We guide them through all the common areas of law and assist them in enforcing their rights and claims.

Corporate law services for companies, foundations, associations

Our experienced attorneys and specialized tax advisors at LFK PARTNER advise companies, their shareholders and corporate bodies (managing directors, board members and supervisory board members) across the entire spectrum of corporate law.

Out expertise covers

  • the law of partnerships: GbR, OHG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG
  • the law of corporations: GmbH, AG, KGaA and
  • group law

We also offer expert advice on laws governing foundation, and association, non-profit and donation law.

Additionally, our specialized knowledge is an asset to you in dealing with the following challenges:

  • The establishment of new companies (founders, start-ups), structuring, transformation (merger, demerger, change of legal form) and choice of legal form.
  • The establishment of companies, foundations and associations.
  • The conception, drafting and negotiation of partnership agreements, articles of association and other agreements under corporate law.
  • The drafting and implementation of restructuring in accordance with corporate and tax law.
  • The drafting of contracts - in particular, profit transfer agreements and joint venture agreements.
  • Shareholders' meetings and general meetings - from preparation to steady support.
  • Corporate governance issues, in the event of a company crisis and in restructuring situations.
  • Legal representation in shareholder disputes as well as on behalf of shareholders, managing directors, board members, supervisory board members and advisory board members.

M&A - Competently guided by LFK PARTNER


The purchase or sale of a company or the acquisition of a shareholding is a complex economic, legal and fiscal process. Specialized and experienced lawyers, tax advisors and management consultants are essential for achieving a successful conclusion. LFK PARTNER offers you all the expertise you need – delivered by a unique pool of experts working together in a dense network. We can untangle the complexities of interlinked economic, personnel, legal and tax issues in a targeted, professional and successful manner.

Within the framework of a company aquisition, our consultancy fosuses on:

  • the search for and selection of a target or an investor
  • the structuring and optimization of the acquisition
  • due diligence (financial, tax, legal)
  • the valuation of the company
  • the upstream and downstream restructuring of the company
  • the preparation of all the required balance sheets
  • structured financing of the company acquisition

Asset succession and inheritance law - securing the future with LFK PARTNER

Gifts or testamentary dispositions in the event of death need to be legally secure, and must be correctly structured so that all the relevant legal provisions and tax benefits are taken into account. LFK PARTNER is there to advise and partner you, while preparing the draft contracts, the documents necessary for their implementation and reviewing them with you in detail. Our lawyers represent your interests before and after the inheritance.

Our assistance extends to succession concepts, transfer agreements for businesses or parts of businesses, the establishment of foundations, participation in businesses and other assets

Our experts can also arrange a transfer - in return for pension payments or also when it is subject to the reservation of usufruct - in a legally secure manner. In the context of inheritance law and inheritance tax law, we can guide you, for example, on how to draft legally-compliant contracts in order to reduce the inheritance tax burden. Moreover, your assisting team at LFK PARTNER will competently handle your gift, marriage, inheritance and compulsory portion waiver agreements, wills and their execution and general and precautionary powers of attorney as well.


Labor law – brace yourself with an LFK PARTNER specialist

LFK PARTNER offers you a wide range of services when it comes to human resources. Our experts endeavor to reinforce your standpoint by giving you extensive advice and representing you from the perspective of individual and collective employment law. In this area, we rely on the vast experience, specialist knowledge and consummate skills of Joachim Gunzenhauser. He is a distinguished attorney, renowned for his expertise and profound understanding of labor law – a field in which he has been active for many years.

Joachim Gunzenhauser has been successful in innumerable labor court cases, in all instances. You can count on his exhaustive legal knowledge to uphold your interests either in court or vis-à-vis authorities, for example, in disputes with employees, such as protection against dismissal or even termination of an employment contract.

In addition, he soundly advises and committedly supports you in the drafting and preparation of legally secure contracts, such as employment and service contracts, works agreements or rules of procedure.

Being well versed in collective labor law, Joachim Gunzenhauser is, needless to say, the ideal person to advise and represent you or your company, even in dealing with questions about the co-determination rights of the works council or in the drafting of works agreements.

Commercial and distribution law / Heed the small print!

LFK PARTNER is the right choice for companies in B2B business who face challenges in any issue pertaining to national and international commercial and contract law

As trusted consultants, our advice ranges from the drafting to the execution of distribution agreements, commercial agency agreements, authorized dealer agreements and franchise agreements. We secure and optimize your distribution activities by exploring the legal options favorable to you, ensuring that potential disputes are avoided from the outset.

The following topic are particularly important:

  • Subject matter of the contract
  • Rights and obligations
  • Protection of competition and confidentiality
  • Remuneration: commission regulations
  • Commission claims and control rights
  • Cancellation and termination of contract
  • Compensation claims
  • Settlement agreements

Legally compliant general terms and conditions (GTC)

General terms and conditions are an indispensable instrument in today's business world.

They delineate uniform regulations for national and international contractual relationships and simplify business transactions. LFK PARTNER specialized attorneys draft general terms and conditions for you that are tailored to your needs; they can also review your existing general terms and conditions. Our experts pay particular attention to the admissibility of the GTC clauses within the framework of the mandatory case law - so as to preclude warnings. In addition, we scrutinize contract conclusion, payment and delivery terms, retention of title, warranty, liability, applicable law and place of jurisdiction.


Family Law - Empathy. Experience. Expert knowledge.

In family law cases, there are usually two parties which, after an intimate relationship ends, must inevitably confront each other the process of separation and/or divorce. It is important that ties to children and other family members continue to maintained and that they undergo the least damage during the course of the legal process.

For our experts at LFK PARTNER, the first priority is to carry out a comprehensive analysis. This is the first step in safeguarding your individual claims and rights. We identify and explain what you are entitled to, according to the law, and inform you about what, in our experience, can realistically and actually be enforced with reasonable effort.

Subsequently, we endeavor to settle the matters that are left to be settled. We try as far as possible to achieve an out-of-court settlement with the other party, preferably in the form of notarized separation and divorce agreements.

Should a court settlement become necessary, however, we take on the responsibility to guide you safely through the proceedings, based on our substantial experience. Our astute understanding of family law has been demonstrated in numerous proceedings at family courts in and outside our region.


Real Estate Law - A Strong Foundation with LFK PARTNER

LFK PARTNER is recognized as a consultancy offering outstanding guidance on the purchase and sale of real estate as well as on commercial tenancy and lease law. We draft the contracts you need in a legally secure and timely manner. If a property or ownership situation is complex, we additionally offer you structuring advice.

Likewise, our experts are available to assist you with tax advice, act as your representative in litigation in the areas of commercial landlord and tenant law as well as real estate law. In addition, we can carry out due diligence reviews.

General Civil Law – Exercising your rights

General civil law regulates the legal relationships between citizens in many different, distinct spheres. Our attorneys at LFK PARTNER have extensive expertise and experience in civil law. They always keep abreast of changes in case law. We see ourselves as your first point of contact for legal assistance: we guide you across the entire spectrum of legal matters, represent private individuals, companies, freelancers and independent craftsmen. We specifically deal with the vast majority of civil law matters that arise in these contexts, and work towards solutions both in and out of court.

Our scope includes, but is not limited to, the following situations:

  • Sales law (for buyers and sellers, e.g. defects in the object of sale, such as when buying a car or purchasing real estate)
  • Traffic law (settlement of claims after traffic accidents/property damage and personal injury)
  • Tort law (compensation for damages/pain from intentional and negligent bodily injury, e.g. after physical assault, dog bite injuries or following traffic safety violations, e.g. black ice accidents or resulting from damage to property),
  • Law governing contracts for work and services (for consumers and entrepreneurs, e.g. defects in the completed work or disputes about the amount of remuneration)
  • Tenancy law (private and commercial tenancy law for tenants and landlords)
  • Property law (e.g. disputes over ownership and possession of property)
  • Real property law (e.g. modification and cancellation of rights to real property)
  • Enforcement law (compulsory enforcement of enforceable claims via bailiffs and enforcement courts)

Criminal tax law - Dual expertise

At LFK PARTNER you will find several lawyers who are equally qualified as tax advisors or tax lawyers. They can advise and represent you in criminal tax proceedings in front of authorities and in court.

Our range of services includes:

  • Tax and criminal law consultation
  • Support and guidance during audits, in particular tax audits
  • Preparation of voluntary declarations
  • Representation vis-à-vis tax authorities
  • Representation in front of the fiscal courts
  • Representation in criminal tax proceedings



Contract law – all-round security

Doing business in today’s world involves complex contractual arrangements and overlapping areas of law must be duly considered along with national and international law. LFK PARTNER advises you and drafts contracts within the legal framework, to your benefit and according to your requirements. In this way, economic advantages can be achieved and risks and disputes can be avoided.

With our support you can meet the challenges of negotiating, reviewing and drafting different types of contracts. These may include framework supply, work and service, tooling, research and development, licensing, cooperation, commercial lease and land purchase agreements. Our experts also prepare non-disclosure and quality assurance agreements.

Coaching your employees via LFK PARTNER courses

Keeping pace in a fast-changing environment necessitates improving the skills of your employees. Are they familiar with the latest developments in contract drafting? We offer tailor-made courses on negotiating and concluding contracts. During the training sessions, we take your standard contracts into account and may add on concepts for new contracts, based on authentic documents we have prepared for clients

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