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We offer you added value that goes beyond the usual business relationship: we are always updating and extending our services to give you top-class advice and extra support. Indeed, we see ourselves as a partner assisting you in your routine work, supporting you in diverse ways and relieving you of tasks that can be automated.

This page gives you an overview of our services - from digitization of your office to expanding your workforce. We’re ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us.

Discover the advantages of digital accounting

We at LFK PARTNER have long set our sights on digitization. We’ve completely switched to a paperless office: paper invoices and payroll slips are now a thing of the past for us. We were one of the first law firms in Germany to receive the prestigious "Digital Law Firm" distinction in 2019. Ever since then we have rigorously maintained our digital strategy. The outcome of this successful approach means that, this year, we will once again be able to satisfy the criteria for the Digital Law designation – for the sixth time in a row! Using the efficient cloud application "DATEV Enterprise online", we assist you in paving the way for your company to go digital – starting off with accounting and payroll, and progressing till all your commercial business processes are digitized. Take advantage of the enormous benefits you can reap from fast and secure work processes and transparent data!

Secure remote client support.
We support you!

With our remote client support system, we can serve you quickly, personally and effectively via the Internet..

You can simply download the necessary software and start it when requested by your consultant. After that, a communikation between your PC and the LFK PARTNER consultant is established via Internet access. This connection runs via DATEV servers in Nürnberg, which are subject to German DSGVO regulations. Then our specialists can both present you their own screen content, e.g. for evaluations, as well as, after appropriate release by you, see your screen content. This may be important and very helpful, e.g. especially for program matters.


Follow the steps to connect with your consultant:

system for remote client support

  1. Download & install the software on your computer.
  2. Pay attention to the window with the safety instructions & click on "Agree".
  3. In the session number field, enter the session number provided by LFK PARTNER
  4. Click on Connect, the connection to your consultant's PC will now be established


We offer search methods via profile portals such as XING, LinkedIn or in the corresponding job portals. Depending on the job profile, however, the classic advertisement-based search in regional newspapers can still be useful. Depending on the job profile, we will work out a suitable concept for you.

This is what we offer you:

  • Development of a job and requirements profile
  • Development of an advertisement: in your layout or under our name
  • Ad management only of your custom ad in your layout and with your individual logo
  • Development of a media plan with a selection of newspapers, publishers and job portals
  • Entire correspondence with applicants
  • Pre-selection of application documents
  • Personal pre-selection interviews and reference checks (depending on the job profile)
  • Support regarding contracts by LFK PARTNER law firm
  • You have your individual contact person for the entire recruiting process

Save time and resources – Recruiting with LFK PARTNER

Recruiting with quality and experience, regardless of whether it is only in partial aspects or in the handling of the full recruiting process - we accompany and advise you.

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Competence, expertise and experience – we`re the consultants for consultans

We give you the advice you need and find optimal solutions jointly with you - with full mandate protection. We will gladly give you this assurance in writing. We have a reputation for working successfully, and have gained the trust of innumerable colleagues over the years.

In many cases, a tax consultant is a generalist who advises his clients on all tax issues. However, there are times in which s/he might encounter complex legal or tax problems and challenges that cannot be solved by experience alone. Sometimes, one’s daily consulting business also does not leave much time to delve deeply into these issues.

There are many situations in which colleagues need to be consulted. In fact, case-related cooperation among colleagues is not only meaningful – it is usually mutually rewarding. We advise you towards finding the optimal solution to tax and legal problems and related tasks. With us you can expect full client protection..

Our interdisciplinary approach and high degree of specialization is the basis on which we can support tax advisors, lawyers and management consultants in specific areas. This is especially true when it comes to corporate succession and inheritance law, formation and restructuring of companies, M&A, corporate valuation and financing, international tax law and transfer pricing. Even in other tax and legal matters, we can offer you professional support as a service provider with our team of specialists.

Acsess know-how in our network of consultans for consultans at LFK PARTNER

Our expert network is where we share knowledge and experience. Because we can rely on our professional partners, you can rely on us.
We are happy to support you and give you advice backed by experience and up-to-date information.

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