Tax consulting – Multi-level support

You can count on us: our expertise and experience means that we understand your tax and business management context. Our clients range from medium-sized companies and start-ups to self-employed individuals and freelance service providers. We work on the most efficient solutions for fulfilling your tax obligations. We offer you solid tax planning and facilitate optimal structuring of the financial flank of your business. Our expert know-how includes VAT law, financial accounting and international tax law.

Committed tax consulting –
continual customized support

Whatever the size or type of business you run, our experts will propose the best recommendations to you on all tax issues and will act on your behalf in dealing with (tax) authorities and in court. We map out solutions that meet your individual requirements and wishes.

Over the years, our continual, customized service has been supporting several businesses – whether they are clients with small- or medium-sized companies and groups, family businesses operating worldwide, self-employed or private individuals, public companies, municipalities or non-profit organizations.

With your input, we design tax concepts and put forward structural recommendations tailored to your specific context. Our experts are swift in enhancing their competence by keeping pace with changes in tax law. They are thus well equipped to advise you in the context of on-going and future developments.

You are assigned a personal advisor who becomes your main consultant at LFK PARTNER: s/he will be fully aware of your interests and requirements. In addition, s/he can always draw on the expertise of other colleagues – this is why you can expect optimal service from us, at all times.

Our expertise is always available to you, whether you need support in complex tax matters at the national or international level or if your tax audit is more multi-faceted than usual.


Value added tax -
your specialists at LFK PARTNER

Although value-added tax is neutral when it comes to transactions between companies that are entitled to deduct input tax, it could nonetheless pose risks and, in parallel, even open up opportunities.

While planning and design can be used to optimize the sales tax burden, a company’s burden can increase due to non-compliance with formal requirements or when the obligation to provide evidence is overlooked.

We spare no effort in optimizing your sales tax burden and all our LFK PARTNER experts are at your disposal with solutions to every scenario.

We start by assessing your business processes from a sales tax perspective. Our experts then proceed with the formalities involved in representing your interests in dealing with the tax authorities and championing your case in court proceedings.

Our support and counsel cover all VAT issues and any topic specifically linked to your individual context. This includes the sale and acquisition of real estate, corporate transactions, reorganization and holding structures, and cases relating to Section 13b of the German Turnover Tax Act (Umsatzsteuergesetz, UStG) (reverse charge).

You can rely on LFK PARTNER experts when it comes to dealings with foreign companies. We advise you on international contract drafting, keeping VAT directives in mind; in addition, we support you in asserting refund claims vis-à-vis foreign and domestic tax authorities.

Our assistance extends to advising foreign companies which require VAT registration in Germany.

As part of the Russell Bedford International network, we can also draw on the expertise of our counterparts around the world.



Taking on the challenge of successful corporate structuring

Adjusting the legal form or structure of a company is a complex and challenging process. We, at LFK PARTNER, pave the way to success by making the necessary arrangements for streamlining transformation processes. Based on our comprehensive knowledge of corporate, transformation and tax law, we are competent partners when it comes to mergers, demergers, transfer of assets, changes in legal form, contribution or establishing a real division.

Tax law is often a driving force when it comes to the transformation or restructuring of a company. Sometimes, a legal form or corporate structure is no longer suitable in the current context: it may even be inadequate or detrimental in the long run. Changes may also be necessary in terms of succession planning, the desire to limit liability, co-determination law or accounting. We, at LFK PARTNER, offer wide-ranging assistance to companies that have to adapt to changing economic, legal and tax conditions. Our attorneys and tax consultants are there to successfully navigate your company through restructuring - from start to finish.

Securing Gifts & Inheritance for the next generation

Safeguarding the value of a company by means of a judicious, foresighted and secure succession plan is a top priority for many entrepreneurs.

Our experts at LFK PARTNER have years of experience in effectively implementing gifts, inheritance or succession. Through mutual trust and cooperation we support entrepreneurs who have built up assets with their company as well as privately, and which need to be permanently protected and augmented. Clients can draw on our resources in finding a suitable successor for the company.

Our LFK PARTNER experts ensure that the transfer of assets are optimally structured, based on the particular wishes of the family and the specifics of its business. We thoroughly examine the legal, tax and economic circumstances, and are committed to preparing a plan that aligns with the family’s needs and interpersonal relationships.

Our experts are available to you when it comes to successful implementation in the following areas: 

  • Wealth succession during lifetime
  • Development of succession concepts
  • Company succession, for example through donation, employee participation, sale, etc.
  • Preparatory/concomitant restructuring measures
  • drafting of wills
  • marriage and inheritance contracts
  • inheritance and compulsory portion contracts
  • business valuation
  • Real estate valuation for tax purposes
  • Execution of wills
  • Establishment of foundations
  • Succession in foreign countries
  • Health care proxy and living will
  • Advice on structuring
  • Inheritance tax advice

Financial accounting and payroll accounting - legally secure



Are you looking for support in financial accounting, payroll accounting, payment transactions or dunning? Trust in the expertise of the specialists at LFK PARTNER!

We offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of accounting and human resources, which forms the foundation of our competence in fulfilling your requirements in a legally compliant manner. We take care of your company's payroll accounting and advise you on all accounting, tax, social security and labor law issues. We swiftly move into action in implementing the ever-changing modifications in tax and social security law. If necessary, we bring in LFK PARTNER experts in the fields of tax consultancy, labor law and business consultancy.

LFK PARTNER provide you with timely accounting and up-to-date evaluations that enhance the management of your business. We ensure that your business transactions are booked accurately and on time.

Digital (no paper) or traditional accounting?

We offer you two options for your financial accounting or payroll accounting: Traditional or Digital. We recommend going digital – because there are a number of advantages:  

  • Document exchange online - no more shuttle folders.
  • Digital receipts integrated into the accounting system
  • Online access to your evaluations
  • Storage in the DATEV data center
  • GoBD-compliant while fulfilling your archiving obligations

Digital financial accounting and payroll accounting - Fit for the future

Are you looking for a more efficient bookkeeping system without hauling folders and heaving numerous pages of paper? Do you want to upgrade your payroll accounting and introduce time-saving and uncomplicated processes?

LFK PARTNER equip you with the tools necessary for the changeover to digital financial accounting and payroll. Based on the convenient cloud application DATEV Unternehmen online, our experts develop the ideal solution for your company.

We set up the digital data and document exchange that makes the business processes in your company more efficient, more reliable, faster and, at the same time, more transparent. We would be happy to present the array of possibilities to you and look forward to welcoming you for a consultation.

Key feature of DATEV Enterprise online:

  • One-click financial accounting
  • Exchange of personnel documents
  • Archiving electronic invoices
  • Account balance always visible
  • Quick transfers and direct debits
  • Carrying out wage payments

International tax law - cross-border success

LFK PARTNER delivers operational guidance on selecting foreign investments. Similarly, we offer foreign investors comprehensive guidance on taxation in Germany.

Working with us gives you access to the expertise of our international network, Russell Bedford International. We can draw on their resources to successfully advise and support our clients in tax matters relating to foreign investments on site or worldwide.

With regard to international tax law, our range of services also includes comprehensive guidance for private individuals: whether it’s about tax issues relating to the transfer of domicile, or other tax, legal and social security aspects relating to the secondment of employees abroad, we endeavor to support you.

You can also count on our specialists to advise and support you in the development and implementation of international transfer pricing, in the development of transfer pricing documentation, in international restructuring or in the drafting of contracts.


International transfer pricing - legally secure design

Among our clients are internationally-positioned companies which supply and provide services to affiliated companies. These often operate in an environment characterized by increasing complexity. While the volume of transactions has risen, our clients face the multitude of governmental transfer pricing regulations. They rely on our expertise to navigate them through ever-increasing auditing activities on the part of tax authorities. We focus on compliance with transfer pricing regulations, which is also an important issue for medium-sized companies. We strive to guide our clients away from non-existent transfer pricing documentation or non-compliance with tax regulations as this can lead to severe additional tax claims and even criminal tax proceedings.

LFK PARTNER assist in determining and documenting your transfer prices. We implement mutual agreement procedures on your behalf. Our expertise supports you throughout tax audits and we commit ourselves to working consistently in order to avoid legal disputes. To this end, we also draw on the expertise of colleagues abroad, in particular those in our international network, Russell Bedford International.


International employee deployment - Safe abroad

Assigning employees to another country may involve complex tax, legal and social security issues. Our specialists assist you in designing the framework conditions so as to minimize tax and social security risks as well as mitigate the costs of a foreign assignment.

At every stage, we assist you in planning the assignment of employees to foreign branches, subsidiaries or in the context of foreign projects. We also take into account the wage tax and social insurance obligations that expatriates face at home and abroad. Our goal is to eliminate the liability risks of the employer with regard to wage tax and social insurance. In addition, we are happy to counsel your employees during their assignment abroad or in Germany.

LFK PARTNER: Know-how from a single source

By working closely with our in-house lawyers, we find solutions for questions relating to social security law and/or the drafting of secondment or other labor law agreements. We don’t hesitate to clarify tax and social security issues abroad by consulting experts from our worldwide Russell Bedford International network, who also provide on-site advice if required.

Public companies and non-profit organizations - Tax advice from LFK PARTNER

We offer ongoing tax consulting, handling of financial accounting and payroll, tax analysis and consulting within the framework of § 2b UStG, preparation of annual financial statements of public enterprises and the required tax returns. We also represent you vis-à-vis the tax authorities and within the framework of tax audits.

Non-profit organizations (foundations, gGmbHs, associations) must also meet numerous legal and tax requirements in order to achieve recognition by foundation authorities in terms of legal capacity. Like gGmbHs and associations, tax authorities must also recognize them as non-profit organizations. Clients benefit from our specialized attorneys and tax advisors, who are familiar with the legal foundations of non-profit organizations as well as with foundation law, non-profit law and donation law.

Our services in this area include, among others:

  • Advice and support in the formation and establishment of foundations
  • Representation vis-à-vis foundation supervisors and tax authorities
  • Ongoing tax consulting
  • Full financial accounting and payroll accounting services
  • Preparation of annual financial statements, tax returns and other documents
  • Accounting according to foundation law (Landesstiftungsgesetz, LStiftG)
  • Advice on foundation tax law

Advice on e-commerce and online trading - selling, but the right way

The specialists at LFK PARTNER advise online traders on a location-independent and digital basis. Our specialized consulting team is very familiar with the special requirements of online trade and has years of experience in supporting online retailers. Our experts will help you and your business achieve long-term success in e-commerce. PAN-EU or Amazon FBA are part of everyday life for our specialists.

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of online commerce, our experts pay attention to all VAT-related particularities for you - for example, compliance with delivery thresholds or the regulations on the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) for so-called intra-Community distance sales.


Automated processes with LFK PARTNER

As an online merchant, you receive and create a myriad of invoices and receipts. Manual posting of these business transactions would take too much time, would be associated with high costs and would also be prone to errors. In addition to targeted tax and business advice, efficient and automated processes, e.g. in the area of accounting, are necessary for long-term success in e-commerce. It therefore makes sense to work with automated processes and interfaces to other (pre-) systems.

LFK PARTNER provides full support for this optimization. As online tax consultants, we work with interfaces to all common merchandise management, accounting and store systems, as well as banks and other cooperation partners, such as Plentymarkets, Nexus, Amazon. We take care of the ongoing legal, tax and business consulting by a team specialized in the requirements of online trade. In addition, we prepare your bookkeeping and payroll accounting with DATEV Unternehmen Online or Arbeitnehmer Online. Here we import your data via secure interfaces.

Representation in case of conflict -
Strongest together

Conflicts with tax authorities can unfortunately occur again and again. As lawyers and tax consultants, we at LFK PARTNER represent your interests and rights in such cases. Our experienced lawyers and tax advisors have specific tax knowledge, especially in tax procedural law and the financial code, as well as legal knowledge, among other things, in criminal law and criminal procedure law. This enables us to represent you in the best possible way - depending on the initial situation, for example, in ongoing appeal proceedings, an audit, criminal tax proceedings or legal proceedings.

We are happy to be involved in

  • Representation in appeal proceedings and before the tax courts
  • Representation in criminal tax proceedings
  • Advice on voluntary declarations exempting from prosecution
  • Obtaining Binding information